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Contemporary childhood and culture

Raising the Bar

My work on children’s voices incorporates modern childhood, including a historical perspective through my focus on medieval literature. I also consider the impact of stress on how we communicate, informed by the work of The Mehrit Centre

Contemporary childhood and culture: Skills

My Projects

Man Playing Drum

Co-Investigator with Grace Thompson and Susan Hayward). 2019. Creativity and Wellbeing Hallmark Research Initiative (CAWRI), seed funding scheme, University of Melbourne

Xylophone Sticks

Co-investigator with Grace Thompson, Susan Hayward and Katrina Skewes McFerran) 2019. Melbourne Disability Initiative (MDI) Seed Funding Grant, University of Melbourne

This is your project description. Whether your work is based on text, images or a different medium, a summary provides helpful context. Don’t forget to showcase your project in the media section or include a link.

Contemporary childhood and culture: Projects

Public Engagement

Improving the national conversation about childhood

I am committed to promoting awareness of holistic and inclusive frameworks for understanding all children's needs. This means understanding children through a sound framework of childhood development while recognising individual differences.

For The Australian Childhood Foundation, Prosody Blog for Professionals.

Convened with Penelope Lee

Funded by the ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions, and supported by The Dax Centre

Hidden Stress and its Relationship to Trauma in Children -- Presentation, Australian Childhood Foundation Trauma Conference, 2018

Cathy Horder and Melissa Raine

An interview with two representatives of the Victorian Student Representative Council for National Youth Week 2016.

This blog about children, emotions and the school environment discusses the Japanese documentary Children Full of Life. I wrote this blog after watching the documentary as part of the Foundations course at the Mehrit Centre.   

A description of and the rationale for the Children's Voices in Contemporary Australia Symposium

Contemporary childhood and culture: Interests
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