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My Self-Reg work

I am a consultant with The Mehrit Centre, where I have completed the Foundations course, the Facilitators program, and the Reframed course. I have presented on The Mehrit Centre’s self-regulation framework to teachers and parents as well as to adults seeking a deeper understanding of their own regulation. 

For anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of Self-Reg, I am available for talks and workshops. Please contact me for further information.

My Self-Reg work: Skills

What is Self-Reg?

Self-Reg is an innovative approach to understanding the effects of excessive stress on behaviour, social-emotional development, intelligence, empathy, motivation, and character, developed by Dr Stuart Shanker (hyperlink: and made available through The Mehrit Centre (hyperlink: The Shanker Method® brings together cutting-edge insights from neuroscience, physiology, psychology and clinical practice into a framework for deepening awareness of children’s stressors. This knowledge lays the groundwork for exploring effective, growth-promoting self-regulation practices.

You can also hear more from me and my co-hosts Cathy Horder and Trish Holley, also a Self-Reg Facilitator, in our new podcast series for supporting families of children who lived through the bushfires of 2019-20.

In “Self-Reg and the Elderly,” Cathy Horder, Self-Reg Facilitator Robyn Gild and I discuss aged care in Australia from a Self-Reg Perspective.

You can read here more about my own journey to TMC’s work (link to Self-Reg people article), and some examples of how I see the world through a Self-Reg lens can be found in my blogs [link to the Japanese Bathhouse and this blog too:] I’ve also co-presented on what Self-Reg has to offer to trauma-informed care of children with occupational therapist and Self-Reg graduate Cathy Horder []

My Self-Reg work: Text

Self-Reg applies to people of all ages, abilities and exceptionalities, as is evident in my summary of a talk by Stuart Shanker, hosted by Aspergers Victoria. 

If you want to hear more from Stuart about Self-Reg in an Australian context, listen to these great interviews on ABC Radio with Patricia Karvelas [

And Natasha Mitchell:

My Self-Reg work: Text

The Mehrit Centre Newsletter 
November 2017

My Self-Reg work: Welcome
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